Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead of potential issues with our comprehensive preventative maintenance solution.


24/7 Service

We offer custom scheduling based on your needs. Typically. The service is typically done once every quarter, but other options are available.
Our preventative maintenance program also saves you money. Our team proactively identifies worn items before they break, allowing you to have them repaired when it’s convenient and with minimal downtime.
It is impossible to ensure a safe working environment without a proper preventative maintenance program in place. Contact a sales representative for a quote today.


  • Full inspection of all moving and wear parts
  • Lubrication of all grease points and moving parts
  • Safety items are brought to the customer’s attention immediately
  • Up-to-date and accurate information regarding equipment status
  • Improved overall working conditions 
  • A comprehensive report that’s vital for audits and inspections, indicating the status of each piece of equipment, concerns and recommendations
  • Be proactive and save with scheduled repairs
  • Significant cost savings and minimal downtime required when repairs and maintenance are identified and scheduled prior to equipment breakdown

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By providing fast and efficient service, we have a wide network of technical assistance that is strategically distributed throughout Canada.


We provide timely and accurate quotes based on our assessment of your unique needs and objectives. We quote competitive prices while maximizing value through our industry-changing approach. We offer quick and reliable industrial facility services and products across Canada. We also offer responsive 24-hour emergency service to help our customers minimize facility downtime around the clock. DSI toll-free phone number:
Toll Free: +1 888 563-4872
Email: [email protected]

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