Dynaco Freezer M2

The Dynaco M2 high speed freezer door reduces energy loss without slowing traffic.


  • Unique “Push-Pull” Drive System: Provides high-speed travel in open and close mode for a total cycle time unmatched by conventional gravity doors.
  • Operating Speeds: Of up to 96″ per sec open and 70” per sec close, offers the industry’s fastest cycle time.
  • Curtain: Incorporates a patented edge retention design.
  • Tight Seal: Continuous end locks encapsulated by the side guide, mobile top seal and soft bottom edge provide a virtually perfect seal. No blade or brush system to wear or replace.
  • Ultra Safe Soft Edge Design: Exclusive soft edge with no bottom beam provides employees and equipment superior protection associated with hard-edge doors.
  • Side Guides: Galvanized steel with pivoting, spring-loaded UHMW inner side guides allow for movement and deflection under pressure. A polyethylene layer creates a thermal barrier
  • between the door frame and building structure. Resistance heating in the side guides prevents frost and ice buildup.
  • Curtain Material: Reinforced PVC suitable for applications to -22F. Optional Insulated panel, Speed 85″ open and 70″ down (size dependent).


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