Dynaco M2 Power

The Dynaco M2 Power high performance door is a medium-sized high speed door for moderate size entryways with push/pull technology to drive fast opening and closing.

  • Unique “Push-Pull” Drive System: The direct drive system provides high-speed travel in open and close mode.
  • Exclusive Soft Edge: Provides employees and equipment with superior protection against accidents and maintenance associated with hard edge doors.
  • Wind Load:Tested to Class 3 (EN Standards) for max dimensions. Withstands pressures up to 75.6 MPH (2.8 in. of water) (700 Pa).
  • Tight Seal: Continuous end locks encapsulated by the side guide, mobile top seal and soft bottom edge provide a virtually perfect seal.
  • Side Guides: Formed of galvanized steel with pivoting, spring loaded UHMW inner side guides which allow for movement and deflection under pressure.
  • Drive Unit: 1 HP or 2 HP Variable Speed, direct drive IP65 motor with electronic braking and absolute encoder (Set \Limits from NEMA 4 Control Box).


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