Jamison BMP DynamicRoll B-Drive

Outside door openings are very often large and exposed to high wind. The Dynamicroll® B-Drive is an innovative high-performance high-speed door, designed to operate in these harsh conditions. Thanks to the push and pull system, the door drives smoothly up and down and guarantees door closure after cycling. A tight, near perfect perimeter seal is formed around the door. Anti-torsion zippers prevent the fabric from twisting after impact, allowing the door to re-insert without jamming.

Installing a Dynamicroll® B-drive High Speed Door should help resolve all of your door challenges. The fast operation of the door improves traffic flow, and the tight seal protects against bad weather conditions and increases energy savings. No stiffeners or rigid parts in the door curtain boosts safety for workers and goods. These doors are suitable for exterior openings up to 26’ wide, depending on application.


  • Standard opening speed ~6.5 ft/s
  • Wind resistant
  • Self-lubricating
  • Plug and play, easy to install
  • High security, no hard parts in the fabric
  • Self-reinserting low maintenance
  • Sealing
  • Energy-saving


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