Jamison BMP DynamicRoll Cleanroom

The DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Door is the perfect door for your cleanroom application. This high-speed, roll-up door is designed to separate overpressured sterile environments.

Thanks to the tightness and its special sliding system, the DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Door guarantees controlled loss of pressure and allows the ventilation system and air purification to operate correctly. Airflow between rooms is limited, reducing the risk for contamination and air pressure loss.


  • Standard opening speed ~6.5 ft/s
  • Air-sealing – 12 m3/m2/h at ~ 50 Pa
  • Lubrication-free
  • Plug and play easy to install
  • High security, no hard parts in the fabric
  • Reliable/low maintenance
  • Sealing
  • Energy-saving


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