Freezer doors

Jamison BMP Versaflex

The Jamison BMP VersaFlex® was specifically -designed with every component being a part of the hittable process. Using Jamison’s patent-pending Shearflow™ technology, panels are constructed with internal layers that move independently when struck. The Shearflow design reduces its normal rigidity by 75%, yielding to the impact, without damaging the panel or door components. Features

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Jamison BMP Frigo1 Air

DynamicRoll® FRIGO AIR 1 is a self-repairing roll up door with a special layered curtain composed of PVC/polyethylene expanded/ PVC curtain. The insulating segments on the curtain avoids the icing creating a thermal cut with a continuous insulation on the curtain. Thickness of the curtain is about 18mm. The frame structure is equipped with heating

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Jamison BMP Frigo2 Door

Frigo2 Freezer high-speed soft bottom edge doors are fast, self-repairing, easy to clean and completely safe. At the heart of the Frigo2 is our innovative double curtain low energy cost design. When closed, the two curtains create a dead air space, which is then treated with a small amount of heated air. This allows the

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